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As you may have guessed, this is where we blog.

Premium Service is now free!

Today, we’re excited to introduce channels to Feed Rinse users.

Your channels deliver posts from multiple feeds, rinsed of course, of any irrelevant posts. Monitoring more content sources for specific information no longer means monitoring more posts – rules let you block the clutter before it ever makes it to you.

Setting up a channel is easy. You start by selecting the feeds you want to pour in. Next, create any number of rules to define what content reaches you. Finally, add the subscription to your feed reader of choice.

There you have it. Haystack goes in, needle comes out.

Keen on metaphors? Here’s another: it’s like panning for gold (without the work).

Channels are available for cheap ($1/mo), plus ($3/mo), and premium ($5/mo) accounts.