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Premium Service is now free!

Brian Bergstein of the Associated Press just posted a solid review of Feed Rinse.

Thankfully, there’s now a machete to hack through the underbrush – a free RSS filtering tool named FeedRinse.

Read more at washingtonpost.com

…or nytimes.com

We’re excited to see mention of the app outside of the more traditional geek channels.

4 s to “AP notices Feed Rinse”  

  1. 1 Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Congrats, that’s rad.

  2. 2 Roger

    I love this product. I will be signing up shortly. I got one word – subscribe.

    I have nearly 200 feeds and I just don’t have the time to go through them all, but I need the information, so I look forward to getting my stuff organised shortly.

  3. 3 aaron

    Thanks for the feedback Roger. It sounds like you’re in the same boat as us – too many feeds demanding attention.

  1. 1 Technological Winter