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That’s right, we’re removing the pricing layer on the Feed Rinse filtering service.

Brian Bergstein of the Associated Press just posted a solid review of Feed Rinse.
Thankfully, there’s now a machete to hack through the underbrush – a free RSS filtering tool named FeedRinse.

Read more at washingtonpost.com
…or nytimes.com
We’re excited to see mention of the app outside of the more traditional geek channels.

Feed Rinse was just featured on Boing Boing. First off, thanks for noticing us Cory. We’re with you — ALL RSS readers should have filters. Feed Rinse is currently in good stop-gap mode to help the current feedreaders out. But, we’re just getting started. Look for some exciting new relevancy [...]

Feed Rinse premium accounts are now available to world! Enhanced features include higher filter capacity, channels, profanity filters, and more. Our features and pricing page has more details.

Features and pricing.

If you visit our features and pricing section, you’ll notice that we’ve listed some features for the plus and premium plans that haven’t been released yet. A few of the features are simple, necessary improvements to Feed Rinse that will be rolled out for all accounts. We’re also developing some exciting new features that will [...]

Maximum filter increases.

We’ve increased the number of filters available to each account level. Free account members will notice the maximum number of filters going from 3 to 5. We want all users to get as much as they can out of Feed Rinse, and we think this will help.
Be on the look-out as well for [...]

Welcome to Feed Rinse.

Hello and welcome to Feed Rinse!
If you’re one of the hundreds of users that joined us in the first day, we’d like to say thanks for helping us keep our enthusiasm through the late nights of development. We’d also encourage you to keep tabs on us – we’re aggressively enhancing our features.
More to [...]


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