Feed Rinse, RSS filter

Blog, blog, blog.

As you may have guessed, this is where we blog.

Premium Service is now free!

Strip tease.

We’ve been getting great user feedback on the product. Popular opinion seems to be that it’s very easy to use, and that makes us happy.

We did notice a post somewhere along the way from an author concerned that Feed Rinse may be a threat to his revenue opportunities (by allowing users to filter out advertisements). We thought we should address the concern head on.

Feed Rinse was built to clear clutter. Our aim is to give readers more power to tune out noise and tune in to content they feel is relevant. It is not to create the RSS equivalent of a pop-up blocker.

Feed Rinse does not strip ads from posts. Any features considered by our team aim at increasing access to the content users want. They do not aim to de-monitize that content.

Bloggers are our friends…so much so, that we developed Feed Rinse to help us/you stay in touch with more of them.