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Thanks, friends.

Feed Rinse launched on March 22nd and thanks to the blog community, it’s been a great ride so far. As Aaron mentioned earlier, we’ve already had a lot of signups with more being added all the time. We thought it made sense to call out a few of the bloggers who took the time to cover Feed Rinse and help get the word out:

  • Lifehacker (A force of nature.)
  • Web Creme (We feel pretty.)
  • CSS Mania (Again with the pretty.)
  • Max Kiesler (Check out his Feed Rinse video demo.)
  • Download Squad (5th in the Feedster ranks.)
  • Traffick (Cory, glad we could help. More features coming soon.)
  • Micro Persuasion (Thanks Steve.)
  • A Zulu in Silicon Valley (Read the full review of the app, based on Saul’s pre-release test of a premium account)
  • …and all the others from around the world (apparently, we’re particularly popular in Japan). The conductor has queued up the orchestra, so I’m supposed to wrap it up.

    One final note, the social web as a whole is really an amazing organism. Spending a day on del.icio.us/popular was a good time. While we’re big fans of ma.gnolia and blinklist, there is little doubt about who the most influencial social bookmarking site is.

    Anyway, we’re going to get back to ramping up the new features and getting the plus and premium accounts live. Thanks, friends.