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Archive for April, 2006

Around the ’sphere.

It’s fun to just be listed on Emily Chang’s eHub. But, today we noticed that Marshall Kirkpatrick of The Social Software Weblog featured Feed Rinse as being one of particular note in this week’s eHub list. A quick thanks to both for taking a look and spreading the word. It’s always fun [...]

Feed Rinse premium accounts are now available to world! Enhanced features include higher filter capacity, channels, profanity filters, and more. Our features and pricing page has more details.

Today, we’re excited to introduce channels to Feed Rinse users.
Your channels deliver posts from multiple feeds, rinsed of course, of any irrelevant posts. Monitoring more content sources for specific information no longer means monitoring more posts – rules let you block the clutter before it ever makes it to you.
Setting up a channel is [...]


We introduced some new filter options today that give you greater control of your feeds.
Now you can block word/phrase instances occurring in the title, body, category, tag, or author of the post (not just in the entire post.) This feature will let you create more specific rules to clean your feeds.
You can also specify [...]